Our Story

After spending 25 + years in large automation companies providing services and skills to multiple manufacturing sectors including; automotive, airports, chemicals, heavy clay and food we recognised an opening within the industry. Our vision was to create a small-scale company with a personalised edge, rooted in customer satisfaction and high quality from design to commissioning. Our aim was to create a customer driven company with high engineering and technical standards to exceed all expectations.

Icam Group has continued to develop and grow, expanding to the United States (Icam LLC) in 2017. The company is based in Bessemer Alabama.

Our engineers have the know-how to deliver bespoke automation solutions to all industrial sectors. From initial design to final commissioning… ICAM is your solution provider.

Meet The Team

NigelLLC Director
Nigel has over 30 years within the many areas of the manufacturing industry including airports, food & beverage, packaging, automotive, material handling, chemical, and oil. He has extensive experience and knowledge with Siemens Simatic S5, S7 and TIA Portal.

“I am involved in all areas of the process for every solution, from project management, to manufacturing process improvements to manufacturing operation visualisation.”

JasmineGeneral Manager
Jasmine joined ICAM in 2018 her role is to oversee many areas including the company processes and HR.

“I support our team to deliver the very best solutions. We all work together to reflect and improve. I believe that company culture and values is key.”

JoeCAD Designer
Joe has been a member of ICAM since 2015, he came from a design background where he studied product design, graphic design alongside a photography degree.

“Working at ICAM has enabled me to embed these skills. My role consists of 2D/3D CAD where I generate the electrical schematics, 3D panel layouts and 3D mechanical designs, using AutoCad, Eplan and Solidworks. I also generate graphics for HMI screens using Siemens TIA Portal. “

Jason has been a member of ICAM since 2016. Before this Jason did a mechanical apprenticeship. Jason is an extremely skilful worker with excellent knowledge of automation.

“When I first joined ICAM I primarily did mechanical installs however since then my role has developed further. Now, I focus on electrical installations as well as PLC programming“.

ShaunElectrical Technician
Shaun has been a member of ICAM since 2018. Previous to joining ICAM, Shaun has worked in various fields of the industry including air conditioning and automation.

“Working at ICAM enables me to work for various customers on a number of different projects. It is great to be able to see the full process from discussing the designs to installing on site.”

Darren Electrician Technician
Darren has been a member of the team since 2018 where he was relatively new to the industry. Since then, Darren has gained much experience whilst working alongside the team.

“Since joining ICAM I have had the opportunity to build a variety of control panels, I enjoy my role and get the opportunity to develop my knowledge alongside my colleagues.”

Daniel has been a member of ICAM since 2015, his role is an electrician.

“My role is panel building. I initially review the designer’s drawings, then I create and test the panels. When the control panels are complete I install them at the customer’s site. Just recently I have taken on the roll of an apprentice mentor, I really enjoy this responsibility.”

Ryan has been a member of ICAM since 2017 when he began his apprenticeship. Ryan is currently studying at a local college. Having just completed his Level 2 NVQ in foundational skills and engineering he is now moving on to the Level 3 diploma in engineering.

“Since working at ICAM I have developed skills in CAD design and panel building. I have gained knowledge from my colleagues and I am looking forward to developing my skill set further.”

Designing a Seamless flow from concept to reality.

Join Our Team

Here at ICAM we believe that our team is our greatest asset. As a growing company we are always looking for the right person to join us. We welcome your CVs. Please email these to enquires@icamsolutions.com

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Safety Pass Alliance Industry Standard

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