Latest Client Case Studies

Want to know who ICAM have worked with? Take a look and read some of our case studies to see who we’ve worked with, what we have designed and how we deliver bespoke automation solutions to all industrial sectors.

Laser Positioning of Dryer Transfer Platform

The old system relied on an obsolete encoder driven from the wheel which was also prone to miss-alignment due to slippage on the wheels/rail. ICAM diagnosed and addressed the issue by installing a new SICK [...]

ICAM deliver bespoke industrial workstations

Leading design and manufacturing house ICAM have recently received an order for a number of bespoke industrial workstations for a manufacturing client. Each station is designed in 3D and utilises the latest aluminium profiling technologies, [...]

Machine Safety Guarding being installed by ICAM Solutions

Machine Safety Guarding being installed by ICAM at one of our on-going projects. Often described as the first line of defence to protect operators, machine guarding plays a pivotal safety role on or around manufacturing [...]

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